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Optimize Sales Investments

Balance Rocks

Driving sales efficiency is balancing the cost vs. returns, it is both an art and a science. Our collaborative approach helps companies understand their go-to-market mix while identifying improvement areas and specific ways to achieve them.

Capture Growth Pockets

Growth Pockets

Almost every company with a wide customer base and a significant number of sales transactions has great opportunities for for additional growth. We review geography, markets, industry, segments and channels to find new opportunities and then tailor strategies to capture them. 

Executing in a Multichannel World

Direct, Indirect, Online, Affiliates, Distributors, Resellers, Social, Amazon and others allow us to operate on a 24/7 world but each requires it's own level of support, engagement and salesforce. Through sales investments consulting we help companies form effective selling strategies in all channels, from Enterprise to Social. Channel performance, channel economics, customer preferences and company goals are important ingredients in the overall strategy.